A riddle..

you won't want to get out of!


They are called Hangman for a reason. No one will applaud them, no one will miss them, yet the same sound will always be in the ears. Hang hang HANG!


Some clues are hidden in words, some in stories. Nothing is as it seems in our story. All you have to do is listen to what Michael tells you.


A story that begins with the first man. As old as the world, as big as the world.


Secrets will be revealed in words, and the place will serve you for answers.


As an indie game studio, each of us are responsible for each area of ​​projects as expected. Nevertheless, we would like to specify the main headings to inform you.

Ömer Oktay Şahin

Oktay is our master writer who has been writing our puzzles and stories from his house in Florence, where he has been in seclusion for many years. The only problem about the master, which is voiced as the New Da Vinci, is that he has no connection with reality. Although we have applied to the authorities many times, we have not seen any action yet. Still, we love him because he is from family.

Alaaddin Bellek

Our dear head developer who learned coding art from streets, savages and Elon Musk, is having a heavy cross to bear in Unity part of our project. The two most popular graffiti of Aladdin, who are rumored to have graffitied on the streets when he wasn't writing code; Why is the damn code not working? Why is the damn code running?

Ozan Kardeş

You may be surprised to hear how competitive the software and games industry is. Yes, very competitive. This is exactly why Ozan, who previously worked at Peak Games and now (actively) at Zynga, is our double agent. He adds value to our team by managing the internal and external affairs of our team. (He's ordering food and coffee to the company) We're still keeping an eye on him. Even though he is writing these words, we want him to know. WE DO NOT TRUST YOU!

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